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Peter, Florida

Regular visits to Dr. Kevin help me with my recurring neck, shoulder, and lower back discomfort. I was satisfied with the price and support. The workplace is spotless and well-kept. Dr. Taft is also very accommodating. Thank you a lot!

Daniel, Florida

"It really only costs $34 for the new patient special. The chiropractic treatment at CTS Chiropractic is exceptional and there are no extra costs or x-rays. Wow! They truly are a gift to us all. Thank you Dr. Kevin!"

Isabella, Florida

Dr. Kevin excels in his field. My daily life is so much simpler because of him. I've felt ten times better than before. I always receive a friendly greeting and prompt service. He is very understanding with me! I occasionally arrive late. I never feel let down when I leave the office. I’m satisfied knowing I can trust him with my care. 10/10
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